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Angela Davis in Chicago

The name Angela Davis is synonymous with the struggle for equality, be it racial or gender. The human rights activist was in Chicago this past May. The following is a short photo essay of her appearance.ad2Rs










Few words, here’s the pics.SP5rs






The Historymakers came to Bronzeville Military Academy on Thursday evening. Their event brought out a number of notable people. Lieutenant General Russel L. Honore, the man who was so instrumental in bringing some order to the chaos that was brought on by Katrina. The music was provided by our very on Ghallib Ghallab and his son Jihad. Brother Ghallib is a fellow Harlan Falcon, he resides in and performs in Las Vegas. There were many other notables at this function including Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Herb Kent and Merri Dee just to name a few.  Then there were the students of the academy, attired in their military uniforms, impressive. Check out the Historymakers, highly recommended. Have a look at the evening in photos._GAR7422 _GAR7426 _GAR7429 _GAR7451 _GAR7460 _GAR7478 _GAR7484 _GAR7503 _GAR7507 _GAR7555 _GAR7538 _GAR7565

There is nothing quite like a trip to the barber when you want to help solve the worlds problems, or watch a tiny little man put up a fight over his head! Barber shops are always interesting places, so I stopped in to see my barber, Vern English, the other day. I came out with the following images.  By the way, if you are in the area, Vern or Angelo can hook you up.

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Busy Saturday

Spent time with the Southeast Side Coalition of Artists and with the taggers this past Saturday, met a couple of the brothers, Trickster and Slang as they  and a whole group tagged the west 59th street viaduct. Met artist Eddie Harris, Katrina Parker of Claretian Associates (a neighborhood outreach group) and Eddie and Luz aka cocomocha design, they make really nice shirts.  Thanks to my bud Lavon Nicole for the heads up.

The Soul Man comes to town

The names Sam and Dave are synonymous with the song they made famous. That song, “Soul Man” still resonates decades later. The Sam part of that duo, Sam Moore was in town and I had a chance to hear and photograph him Friday night. Sam, now in his late seventies, brought his entourage to the City Winery – Chicago and showed that he is still the original Soul Man. Sam was in excellent voice and spirits as he performed. I might add that the City Winery is a fabulous venue top to bottom, the staff was very gracious, thank you so much. Now I will assume that you want to see some photos so here they are. 

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The Taste of WVON 2012

This past Saturday, 7/21 was the date for the annual WVON “Taste of WVON”.  There was food in abundance, great discussions at the WVON broadcast booth and great music. The first musical artist I saw was a little lady named Mae Ya. She is all of eleven years old and has a voice that is beyond her years. She will be performing at the DuSable on November 10th, go see her. Next was Nellie “Tiger” Travis, she was a blues ball of fire on stage. Nellie did some good Tina Turner while she was up. Later in the evening the Kindred Family Soul came on to much anticipation. They did not disappoint as some of the following photos will attest to. They made no secret of the fact that they are man and wife, I liked that as much as their performance. Enough of the talking, here go the photos.