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The Bronzeville Military Academy

The Historymakers came to Bronzeville Military Academy on Thursday evening. Their event brought out a number of notable people. Lieutenant General Russel L. Honore, the man who was so instrumental in bringing some order to the chaos that was brought on by Katrina. The music was provided by our very on Ghallib Ghallab and his son Jihad. Brother Ghallib is a fellow Harlan Falcon, he resides in and performs in Las Vegas. There were many other notables at this function including Senator Carol Moseley Braun, Herb Kent and Merri Dee just to name a few.  Then there were the students of the academy, attired in their military uniforms, impressive. Check out the Historymakers, highly recommended. Have a look at the evening in photos._GAR7422 _GAR7426 _GAR7429 _GAR7451 _GAR7460 _GAR7478 _GAR7484 _GAR7503 _GAR7507 _GAR7555 _GAR7538 _GAR7565


A trip to the barber

There is nothing quite like a trip to the barber when you want to help solve the worlds problems, or watch a tiny little man put up a fight over his head! Barber shops are always interesting places, so I stopped in to see my barber, Vern English, the other day. I came out with the following images.  By the way, if you are in the area, Vern or Angelo can hook you up.

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