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“Suga Foot Blue” a new stageplay

Suga Foot Blue, a new stage play by Joseph F. West debuted at the DuSable Museum on May 20th and closed on the 22nd of same. The play centers around two people, Dottie, played by Pam Mack and Clive, played by Joseph West. Dottie is fighting sugar diabetes and the prospect of having one of her feet amputated. She longs to wear her beloved shoes, of which she has quite a collection and to dance again. She also carries the burden of being a widow woman. Clive, a laborer and friend of Dottie, struggles with a love for Dottie that existed even before she became the wife of his now deceased friend. Like a weight that is far to heavy to carry, he has dragged around this burden for years, all while he remained a faithful friend. In the end, love really does conquer all as she comes to grips with her medical condition and her long denied feelings for Clive. A happy ending? Yes, and a very entertaining play by Dr. West. The other players were; Matthew J. Lloyd as Ross, Audrey was played by L.D.Ellis, Crystal was played by Jeniel M. Smith, Maple was played by Alberta Carr and Carolyn Nelson played Mildred.