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“The Ideal Husband” a new play

John Ruffin penned a play titled “The Ideal Husband”, which I saw and shot on Saturday night. ¬†First off, I enjoyed this play, it was filled with great acting, great singing and an unmistakable Christian message. Two of the more recognizable names featured in this play are Shirley Murdock (of recording fame) and Carl Payne of the Martin sitcom. The storyline revolves around an injured football star and his wife, happily married and expecting their first child after eight years of bliss. Problem starts when a baby momma shows up with some “news”. What follows is a lot of strife between husband and wife before they finally reconcile.

Hats off to the cast for a job well done, you all rocked!  Sandy Redd had one of the most powerful scenes in the show when she did a solo following the discovery of her husbands indiscretion. More later, now for a few photos.


Car Crazy or is it Carazy?

I have been a car guy all my life, started reading the names off cars before I was even able to read. What follows is some car photography that may not in the purists eye be photography at all, but in reality it is. I will explain in a few, take a look.