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Rashada Dawan in concert

Who is Rashada Dawan?  Rashada is what I call a triple threat artist/entertainer. She sings, dances and acts (remember me when you get to Hollywood).  Rashada is blessed with an outstanding voice and stage presence. She was backed by a great band and backup singers. Rashada can go from silky smooth to straight up rock, very versatile. She sang material from Chaka Khan to Tina Turner and then some.

Well I could say more, maybe I will later, but for now I will just say that you should check out Ms. Rashada Dawan, very well done Rashada.


Hey Shae.

There is an old saying, “How ya gonna keep em down on the farm once they seen Paree?”   Updated version should go something like this, “How ya gonna keep em down on the farm, once they seen Shae Peree?”  Yep, I’m fresh back from a lakefront photoshoot with Shae Peree Strong, what cha think? For more on Shae, come back later.

Witches of Yore, a Halloween Concert

The University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra held it’s Halloween concert Saturday, and I was there. The Music was fun, the young dancers were excellent. The music was the usual, which is to say outstanding, kudos to Maestra Shubert and Ms Black.