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Well the annual Pearlfest event which was conceived and is put on by the “Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center ” of Chicago took place this past Saturday, August 21st. First off, kudos to Monica Haslip and her staff for an outstanding job of pulling together a day filled with outstanding talent and performances. Who was on program? Teresa Griffin, Frank McComb, Esperanza Spaulding, Oleta Adams and Nona Hendryx. I will give the very, very brief synopsis and let a few of the pictures try to tell the story as best they can. But to make a long story short, this was a hot music festival, everyone was just great. If you have never seen Nona Hendryx, an original member of LaBelle, you really missed it. She is the personification of funk and soul. Still shakin my head over her performance, she commands the stage. Oleta Adams has long been one of my very favorite singers, what a pleasure it was meeting her and her voice sounds the same in person as it does on her recordings which is to say just outstanding. She could probably cough and it would sound great. Teresa Griffin is a local favorite with a great voice and personality, she rocked and rolled in marvelous fashion. Frank McComb has a voice reminiscent of the late Donny Hathway, nuff said? Then there was Esperanza Spaulding, young vocalist, song stylist and bassist, what a talent she is. Laying down the beats was none other than Terri Lynn Carrington. Enough talk, here are a few of the photos.More to come, so check back soon.


Joan Collaso comes to the DuSable

Tribute time at the Dusable Museum, and the tribute was for three legends , Shirley Horn, Nancy Wilson and Lena Horn. Joan did a great job with all three ladies, such a great job on Nancy that you would think she was channeling her, so much so that she even looked a little like Nancy.

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks

Whoops! Leaked photos!