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A wedding, A week away!

Well the clock is running for Jerald and Ivey. One more week till the two become one, and 2eleven will be there so come back in a few and see for yourself.


EXHIBIT; The City, The Southwest, and more

Starting on July 17th, The City, The Southwest, and more, comes to the Carter G. Woodson Library. The exhibit runs through the end of September. For those who are unfamiliar, the Woodson Library is located at 95th street and Halsted. The images are from the Southwest United States, Chicago, and . . . a pack of incense! I hope everyone will come out and see it, ask questions and tell all your friends. See you there.

Wedding photography in Chicago by 2Elevenphotography

Weddings and wedding photography, in Chicago. 2Elevenphotography does the latter. If you have been following this blog, then you know that “I DO” photograph a number of things from concerts to babies to landscape, but the foundation of this operation is WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY. Since this is the wedding season, I wanted to feature a few weddings that 2Eleven (me) has photographed in the past. I am gearing up for a couple over the next few weeks so, if you or someone you know is planning to go down the aisle, remember these words, “I DO” and click one of the images and it will take you directly to my site for a more in depth look at what “I DO” :>).  There will be more to come, so stay plugged in.


A Pharoah’s daughter, a high ranking Egyptian soldier and a Nubian princess add up to a love triangle in the stage production “Aida”.  I have seen this play and I really enjoyed it. The cast is great, the plot is intense and the music was very well done.  Rashada Dawan sizzles as Aida (the enslaved Nubian princess) with Brandon Chandler playing Radames, (the Egyptian soldier) very well, I might add. They are both very talented vocally. Then there is Amneris the Pharoah’s daughter, played by Adrianna Parson,  she both is funny,  spirited and quite the fashion kitten.  The entire cast did a wonderful job, hat’s off to Executive Director Kevin Mayes and his staff for a very nice production. I recommend this play highly, oh yeah, next time give Desla a bigger part! :>)

Look for AIDA here,