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Stubbs Project live recording

Alright, so I did it backwards this time, words last. Probably still speechless from the great singing this aggregation loosed on the folks who attended this live recording.  Look out for them!


The Museum of Contemporary Art hosts Julia Huff

Julia Huff played the MCA this week, you should hear her if you haven”t yet, she is a talent.Also on hand was former Miles Davis keyboardist Robert Irving. The crowd was cool, the music was COOLE.

Broom jumpin’ time

Well friends this is the wedding season, and I would like to offer big congratulations to those of you who are on your way to the altar. 2Elevenphotography is available to photograph your wedding, we strive to give something that is both classic and artistic and never ordinary. A few wedding scenes follow.There’s more to come so check back later.

Tammy rocks at Columbus Park

Tammy McCann = very talented singer. I had the pleasure of seeing her . . . again Friday and once again she put on a great show.
Tammy was accompanied by venerable saxman Fred Jackson, bassist Marlene Rosenberg, drummer Perry Wilson and keyboardist Tom Viatsas. The whole group performed admirably and I for one enjoyed the show.

Mt. Sinai and Leamington Market host the health fair and produce giveaway

His first one!

What does he do after he gets his first one? RUN LIKE . . . well like  any little boy would after being trapped in a suit and tie in an auditorium full of old folks for two hours!  And run Jaden did, just as soon as he could get outside after getting his first diploma, certificate or whatever that thing was that they gave him at Warren school. Congrats to little Jaden and we hope you get at least five more, you little graduate. Congrats also go to little Atayah for her accomplishment! This is the future.

Room 43, cool and hot at the same time.

Pharez Whitted and his group ,accompanied by guitar great Bobby Broom, played Room 43 this past Sunday. The music was great, I grabbed a few photos and they follow.