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Prom night for Jasmine

They grow up so fast, a few frames of Jasmine on her prom night, I had to get married to ride in a stretch! You are lovely Jasmine, congratulations!


Graduation time

The quest for higher learning should an ongoing process as we “graduate from stage to stage. What follows is a short pictorial essay of a few graduations I have covered, and to all those who are graduating, I salute you.

Things that fly

Well I was out shooting on Thursday around the LP zoo and the sea gulls caught my eye. I tried to get a few shots of them (for me, BIF shots are hard to do) and that started me to thinking about things that fly. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Prom time for Camille

Tonight was prom time for Camille  and Tristan, congratulations.

Mother’s Day! The crowns came out .

This Mother’s Day, the Logos Baptist Assembly and WomanLife Ministry hosted a Mother’s Day Banquet at the Harambee House. Needless to say the crowns came out as evidenced by the following photos.I will be comin’ back with more soon, stay tuned.

Places in the Southwest.

Well if you know me, you know that I love to travel. Possibly my favorite destination in the United States is the Southwest. The following are a few scenes from that area, Arizona, Utah, Nevada. Feel free to leave me a comment.If you click one of the photos it will take you to a link which has more on the Southwest series, and they are available for purchase if you like. Thanks for looking.