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Well, I shoot models and those who would. The following is a short tribute to several lovely young ladies. If you think you fit this category, call me and set your shoot up. In the meantime let’s kick it off with a few from this group.


The Musicians Network MECCA benefit, we go, we shoot it

Joan Collaso and the Musicians Network MECCA hosted a benefit for ailing musician Maurice Houston on Monday night at the Checkboard in Hyde Park. Hats off to them for coming to the aid of someone in need. The list of artists who showed up to perform for this cause is so long that I won’t try to list it here. What I will do is run a few photos of some of the artists and guests to give a feel for what was just a great effort for a great cause.

Just saw it, “My Wife and Baby Momma”

I will get straight to the point, this play is charged with energy and emotion, it is about families and familial responsibility. It is fun and thought provoking.  The character portrayals in this play are full of fire and vigor. I don’t make any claims about being a critic, but I did thoroughly enjoy this play … and  I was working. The characters, James (the harassed husband played by Boaz McGee), the tempestuous Rachel (Ebony Reed) is a hot mess!  
James (Boaz McGee) is caught between the wife he loves and the woman/baby momma that he does not love, an explosive situation. Dominique Taylor plays Savannah, James wife, and she is just about fed up wife the “other” woman and her antics.Then there is Tina, played by Camara Colvin, suffering and struggling to raise a son who has a wealthy businessman for a father. More to come, tune in on tomorrow.

Then there is Desla Epison as the woman with too many kids by too many men, her one time partner, Royce Hargrove is caught in the middle and tortured by it. Also making her presence felt is Cookie Reid as the Judge and then as friend and confidante to Savannah.Then there is David Cowan and a chance meeting at a local restaurant, turns out to be just what Tina (Camara Colvin) needs.More to come, stay tuned.

My Wife and Baby Momma – the play

There is a new play coming, penned by La Savine Givens. The title is … you guess it, “My Wife and Baby Momma” The play will take place on April 23rd and 24th at the Kenwood Theater. Take a look at the trailer (not here) it looks like a very interesting play. As the title might indicate, emotions run high in this one. I have taken the liberty to shoot and post a few rehearsal shots of the cast here.

Tammy McCann rocks hyde park

Chicago native and jazz vocalist Tammy McCann performed at the Hyde Park Union Church. Tammy has a superb voice which has all the clarity of a bell. I found her to be very personable on stage, a consummate professional. Her musicians backed her up very well as she paid tribute to female vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Betty Carter. Very nice performance indeed.

Jazz! The Art Hoyle Sextet

The Union Church in Hyde Park played host to the Art Hoyle Sextet yesterday, featuring Frieda Lee on vocal (she sounds great and reminds me of Nancy Wilson). A great show and I was able to snap a few shots of the event.

Resurrection Sunday at Logos Baptist Assembly

When you show up at logos Baptist Assembly on Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) you–get–what? A powerful praise and worship experience! Annointed preaching, angelic singing, with some sangin’ thrown in :>) , baptizing, hand clappin, praying and all that. The service? It was all that. Have a look.