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The Saturday engagement shoot

Big congratulations to Jerald and Ivey on their engagement , good looking couple huh?


It’s on Zenfolio

Just for informational purposes…I am on Zenfolio. That location allows you to shop for images and purchase on line. I hope you will go and take a look around and like what you see. The following is representative of what you will see there.

Pianist Jade Simmons comes to the University of Chicago

Saturday night I was honored with the task of photographing the concert  featuring renowned pianist Jade Simmons and the University Symphony Orchestra. Now while I do like symphony music, I could not be classified as an aficionado, but I can tell you that Ms. Simmons played the “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Op. 43. Impressed? If not I will refer you to one Rashida Black (friend), she is an expert on classical music and an accomplished harpist in her own right. The program was a success in it’s presentation and it’s attendance. I offer congratulations to the University of Chicago for hosting Ms. Simmons and to Ms. Black for putting it together and pulling it off, well done!

The lighting seminar, Gary Indiana shoot

It’s cold, it’s winter, what to do? SHOOT! Shoot at a lighting seminar, that’s what I did. An abandoned church can be a very picturesque location, combine it with an outstanding crew of models and you get a recipe for a great shoot. Matt Bigelow and Melissa Diep are the principals in this endeavor. A salute to the models, Diem Angie Nguyen, John Sarver, Valerie Pradan, Hillary Back and Whitney Harmon for braving the elements in order to give us “togs” a chance to grab some great images.
More  to come on this shoot, so stay tuned.

Tribute “Until Emmit Till”

The Emmit Till story is a very well known one. Ernest Dawkins composed  a work which pays tribute to the young man. It was brilliantly performed Friday night by vocalist Dee Alexander, poet Khari B, aritone saxist Aaron Getsug, tenor saxist Kevin Nabors, trombonist Norman Palm, trumpeter Larry Bowen, pianist Justin Dillard, bassists Josh Abrams and Harrison Bankhead, drummers Hamid Drake and Isaiah Spencer and the aforementioned leader Ernest Dawkins on alto sax. There was a special presentation from the Neighborhood Writing Alliance. This was a very powerful presentation.